How to Contact Mid Valley Radio

If you have a general station question, you can always reach us by email at; on twitter ; or facebook.

If you have a question a specific show, would like to book a guest with your favorite host, or anything related to specific programming, please email the program director for that show:

Around the Valley: and
Glen’s Movie Review:
Theater of the Mind:
A-Pop Fusion: and
Greg’s Backyard BBQ:

Please, please, PLEASE do not add our email addresses to mailing lists (and don’t just CC the same email to everyone…It will just hit the spam filter).

And please do not ask us to send you a copy of a show. We are licensed only to broadcast, not to distribute. We are also unable to provide downloads of our shows or mixes due to copyright restrictions. In limited cases, we can provide podcasts (see what we have available on Interviews & Special Programs) but we are not licensed distributors.

We are much better at answering email than phone calls, but if you must call the studio phone is (626)888-1493. We have no receptionist so if we’re busy, we may not answer it. If we’re really busy, we may not get our voicemails for a couple of days. Again, we are much better at answering email than phone calls

Mid Valley Radio
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